August 6, 2022

New York City Graphic Design


New York City

Have you ever visited Times Square in NYC and all you see is billboard after billboard, ad after ad, logos after logos?  Yes they are everywhere, from taxi’s, to window signage, business signage, in the subway, and buses. Everything was created by a graphic designer.  NYC is the mecca of graphic design industry. With out a graphic designer your business can not function properly.

Graphic Design in NYC

is the core to every business from a start up, small business, large corporations to franchises. Graphic design is the tool of visual communication that intends to convey a message to a target audience in a creative way that will grab attention, spark interest, and create action. Many associate graphic design with printing but with the rise of technology, graphic design is a powerful tool in all platforms like the web, social media, and tech industry. As a business owner you have a lot on your plate with day to day business activities that you might over look having highly skilled graphic designer on your team. However, having a professional graphic designer is an important step in the process of having a successful business.

Here are 6 Reasons Why a Graphic Designer is Important to your Business.


Your organization’s brand begins with an extraordinary logo and grows to each part of your business. The logo needs to focus on your target audience in a way that is effective, sparks interest, and the highest quality. Your brand should give an everlasting impression to your customers or clients that makes them wanting to come back. Brand development is very important for all small businesses.


Your business must have balance and be unison in all aspects. From your business cards, to a brochure, letterhead, envelopes, postcard, website, uniform, or marketing materials it must all feel like one. Employees tend to work harder and unite to represent he brand when the companies visual communication has balance.


The level of professionalism speaks volume when their is effect graphic design for all your branding and marketing materials. Your clients and customer will recognize that time and money was invested into your business when you have a professional presentation.


Graphic design goes beyond your logo and your website. Graphic design will communicate your ideas. An informative design can communicate ideas that cannot be expressed with words alone. Using professionally designed images create a positive everlasting impression.


Bad graphic design can affect your company work flow, employees, and your target audience. Your website is an area where designs are mostly observed. Effective designs should have special features, easy navigation, appropriate color scheme, and legible fonts. Your website should have a smooth easy user experience to keep your visitors wanting to read more or inquire on your services or products.


Last but not least, the budget you set aside is very important but must be realistic. A graphic designer is a backbone to any business no matter the size. So low budget means poorly design artwork, and in the long run can cost you more for un affective marketing material or negative message to your audience. For many start ups or small business owner creating a budget to have a full time graphic designer on staff might be difficult. We recommend associating with a design agency and creating an account where you can have some type of retainer program to get you the work you need. Many design agencies offer membership programs that includes a monthly retainer for graphic design services. In the long run you save money and you still get what you need.

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